Pet Parents Wedding Services


Wedding Pet Attendant

Celebrate your special day by including your pet in your unforgettable memory. Our Wedding Pet Attendants serve all couples, canines and felines. They provide professional service, are Pet First Aid/CPR Trained, bonded, insured, background checked and come ready with our bag or tricks so your pet is ready on queue.

What does a Wedding Pet Attendant do?

Companionship & Sniffology! We will keep your pet company and make sure they get a thorough ‘sniff about’ around the venue so they can eliminate. Familiarity with the ceremony and photo area will make it less likely for your pet to lift a leg or stoop during your wedding.

We delicately take the time to get your pet gussied up. We will also coordinate with your florist or jeweler if they are to adorn flowers or jewels.

We’ll walk your pet down the aisle or hand them off to a wedding party member and stand by if they decide a quick exit is desired.

Picture time is where we spring into action with toys, noise makers and treats to help your photographer get the perfect shots.

Door-to-door transportation to and from your home, hotel, border or groomer to the venue and back. We can also arrange multi-venue service.

If pet sitting or overnight stays in the comfort of your own home are desired, this can also be arranged.

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