Pet Grooming Tips for the summer

Pet Grooming Tips for the summer

Spring is saying its goodbye and summer is coming fast. Dealing with your dog’s matted coat or your cat’s shedding hair can be tough. It can feel like it is literally raining dog hair or cat hair. Is it a battle to groom your pet? Is it too much of a hassle to bathe your pet? Well, there are ways to navigate the difficulty of bathing and grooming.

Here are some tips for a successful grooming session:

  • Make sure you use the right size tools while grooming.
  • Have a pet with sensitive skin issues? Look for a shampoo that has oatmeal as an ingredient, as it is very soothing.
  • Proper rinsing is important to ensure that all of the pet shampoo is fully cleansed from your pet’s fur. If not, the remaining shampoo can cause excessive dryness to your pet’s coat.
  • Have a white pet? Purchase a shampoo that’s specially formulated for them, so that their coat will not have a dingy or yellow tint to it.
  • Keep your pet’s toenails trimmed properly. This is where you’ll need to do your research so you don’t hurt them.
  • Remember that certain breeds have special needs during grooming. Pugs, Bulldogs and other flat-faced dogs require specific attention to their facial area. Baby wipes work well to clean the wrinkles.
  • Check the ears to make sure there is not too much build up. If you pooch like to swim, make sure the inside of the ear is allowed to dry so they don’t develop swimmer’s ear.
  • Always check between the toes. They are a hiding place for grass stickers, ticks, foxtails, cone heads etc.
  • Run a flea comb through to make sure there are no surprises.
  • They might not like it, but brush their teeth. Also gently brush the gums as well.
  • Be careful not to trim the coat down too far. You pet’s coat gives them built-in air conditioning. It also protects again sunburn, stickers, sprigs and other things.
  • Always remember to brush your pet! Brushing ensures a healthier looking coat, removes dead hair, and stimulates the skin; plus, most pooches and kitties love it.
  • If you decide you cannot do this, seek a professional groomer. Sometime you just have to pay for convenience.

If you have any grooming tips that have worked for you, add them to the list? We’d love to hear from you!


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Make sure your veterinarian knows of these specific needs, as well as your groomer, if you decide to retain professional services.

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