Concierge Services & Covid

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Pet Taxi (local)

$30 per hour / Do you need someone to pick-up your fur baby from the groomer, vet or clinic? We’ll take care of it! Proper documentation from are required when necessary. Vet and groomer bills should be taken care of by the pet owner. This service is normally with a 10 mile distance. *Time is calculated from driver’s start location until pet is dropped off.

Pet Taxi (long distance)

$60 per hour / Do you need someone to take your pets to the airport, transport from breeder to owner or move from one home to the next? Its all in a days work. We do not charge for mileage or tolls. A waiver must be signed. *Airport pickups and drop offs must have proper release documents in order prior to pet taxi driver’s arrival. Pets must be in travel carriers that abide by airline specifications. We can provide a rental carrier for $20 based on availability. Time is calculated from drivers start location until the driver returns back to the location.

Pet Errand

$35 per hour / Not enough hours in the day? Are mundane but necessary tasks sucking up your time. Our pet errand service uniquely focuses on items related to your pet and home and can help whittle down your pet care related “to-do” list. Maybe you ran out of food for your pet, forgot to pickup their prescription, get treats for your dog or litter for your cat. No problem! We’ll get it for you. We’ll travel up to 7 miles from your home.

Litter Box Cleaning & Sterilizing

$20 per litter box / This is the most dreaded responsibility of cat owners. Dirty litter is emptied and disposed of. The litter box is then scrubbed, sterilized and refilled per your instructions.


$15 / Struggling to keep up with all that hair? We can come and give your pet a good brush-out. This includes:
Brush the hair out, detangle knots, comb through to check for the other “f” word. (fleas)

Tooth Brushing

$15 / Sometimes as pet owners, we have to face the fact that the pets we love have “yuck mouth.” No problem. We can come to your home and brush their teeth to make sure that plaque and tarter build up do not hinder their optimal health.

Emergency Lockout Service

$25 It is inevitable. Sooner or later you might lock yourself out of your home. Don’t panic! We’ll bring a copy your key to you so you can get inside your home.

Mail pick up

$13 / ​No more coming home to a stuffed mailbox with important documents crumbled, or deliveries sitting out in the sun and rain for days while you are away. This service is exclusive to existing clients.

Key Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service

$15 each way / Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable using the lock-box or hide-a-key option. No worries! We’ll come and pick up your key before you depart as well as return it after you get back. Please schedule these times through the office.

Covid Service Changes

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Winter Park Pet Concierge understands how uncertain things are right now. We are continuing to provide peace of mind to pet parents in our service areas. We are working with local and state law enforcement as well as hospitals and clinics to make sure we can provide support for anyone who needs to work (whether that is in or out of the home.)

We have heard from many of our clients that working from home poses many challenges. The main one is finding the time to walk their dog(s) while holding down their daily work load plus jumping from one Zoom meeting to the next. Side walk and door step pickups are also done for any client who would like to have their pet service, but do not wish to have someone come into their home. If you find that you are in need of our services, simply place a request in your client portal by adding a note to your request. If you need a pet errand to get supplies or a pet taxi to get your pet to the vet or groomer, you may also schedule this in the client portal.

Cancellations – Since our nation is now two years into the Covid-19 pandemic, we all understand that work and travel is at our own risk, therefore, we no longer give credits or refunds for any Covid related cancellations. Should your trip or work time cancel, there will not be a credit for it. Our regular cancellation policy will apply to all trips. This is noted in our contract.

If you would like to support Winter Park Pet Concierge as a small business, but do not need service, please feel free to do any of the following:

  1. Buy gift certificates or walk packages that can be used in the next year in your client portal.
  2. Give us a written rave review on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Thumbtack or Bring Fido.
  3. Follow Winter Park Pet Concierge on Instagram and Facebook. Share our posts if you like them.

Emergency pet care in case you get sick. Anytime you are ill and either cannot return home from a trip or end up in the hospital and need last minute, emergency pet care, we are here for you. Someone just needs to get in touch with us to begin services until you are well or until someone else can step in. If you know someone who might be worried about this and is not our client, please let them know we are always accepting new clients.

A meet and greet is currently done on a case by case basis. Sidewalk and door step meet and greets are becoming the norm (to reduce unnecessary risk/exposure) so that our clients have someone in place in case they become ill. New clients will have to complete our online registration process so we have the proper information for their pets and their homes.

For those of you that are on the front line: doctors, nurses, EMTs, law enforcement, fire fighters, grocery store clerks, pharmacists, techs and the many I have not mentioned, please stay safe. Know that we are here to help get our community through this difficult time.

*Cannot be used for ANY Concierge Services